Digital Media Served

MaeLou Media is a innovative media company deeply rooted to the digital media world of food. From the beginning of concept to implementation our team has strong knowledge creating and executing strong social media campaigns designed for success to designing and creating products that boost company earnings.

Our Company

Founded in 2013 – MaeLou Media began with our brand, VeggieBalance.  From this company we learned the ins and outs of digital media, what works and what doesn’t to quickly see results and digital growth by analysing and keeping on top of market trends.

2018-2019 – We acquired new various projects that took our company portfolio reach of a little over 11 million users a month.

We’ve honed in this strategy over the years, taking those skills and growing our recent project by over 1400%.

2020 – Successfully sold and exited from VeggieBalance.

Over the years it has become apparent how important it is to listen to our customers and dive into the user experience of our products by creating products that puts the needs of stakeholders at forefront.  Designing and creating great user experiences is our focus to see continual company growth.



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